Arthur needs no introduction.  He is Australia's Rolls Royce of country singers. 2014 was Arthur Blanch's 63rd anniversary year in his career as a recording artist. Four years in a row, Arthur won Australian Golden Guitar awards at Tamworth, two for Male Vocalist of the Year, two for Album of the Year. The television special based on his first Golden Guitar winning album "The Lady And The Cowboy" was telecast in Australia and America and has now been leased for 3 years by Foxtel's Country Music Channel. Arthur is still celebrating chart successes, including 5 top ten singles during the last couple of years. Arthur was inducted into the Country Music Roll of Renown in 2001 and the Galaxy of Stars in 2002. To read more about Arthur from the Roll of Renown web site click here.

Latest News

2014 - GREAT NEW ALBUM out now "Whatever Floats Your Boat". Produced by Louie Shelton (world famous guitarist) recorded on the Gold Coast. This is Arthur in top form singing 10 wonderful new songs.
The title track from his previous album 'How Can I Thank You' was picked up by the Australian Defense Department and copies were sent to all Aussie troops deployed overseas. Arthur was greatly honored. Even though things are tough for small business these days, Berice and Arthur are grateful that their Tamworth Music Productions is a hive of Activity.
"The Lady And The Cowboy" TV special has been leased for 3 years to "Foxtel" (C.M.C.). "Wollun One" the autobiography of the Blanch family (the first complete country music family in Australia) is selling well, distributed worldwide by Boolarong Press. In addition to all this, Arthur is kept very busy with radio interviews. All of Arthur's albums are distributed by WJO Distribution and can also be downloaded from iTunes, Bigpond, Bandit FM and Getmusic. Arthur's new single "Buy That Man A Beer" will go out to radio on CRS 172 in mid March 2014.

Multi-Award winner Arthur is celebrating 6
years as a recording artist, no mean feat in the tough world of music. Arthur has recorded his music in studios worldwide including the deluxe studios in Hollywood and Nashville. Arthur sings with a power and grace that has only grown over the last half century. Arthur is one of Australia's most successful international country music entertainers, having spent extensive time in the USA recording, performing on stage and on television including the Nashville Network. He has had several Billboard chart singles as well as performing on the Grand Ole Opry.
The ultimate encyclopedia of country and it's performers "Definitive Country", released in the USA, states that of all the country and bush performers to emerge from Australia, Arthur Blanch has made the biggest impression.

Maintaining it's momentum in sales is the story of the Blanch family, "Wollun One" - a best selling book that chronicles the life and times of Australia's first official country music family. An independent reviewer from Minneapolis, Minnesota has highly recommended it...."It is my opinion that "Wollun One" would make an excellent motion picture, rich as it is with singing, a charming love story, hard work, commitment, loyalty, and huge success," Ms. McLane writes.
It has not been confirmed whether this will in fact occur, but it's certainly food for thought. Rhino Book Stores stock Wollun One in Nashville USA, and Boolarong Press distributes worldwide (
Arthur is in much demand for interviews, but always makes time for those who promote and enjoy his music. To arrange an interview, please telephone (07) 55341112 (Australia).




Wollun One / The story of the Blanch Family

Arthur Blanch - "Whatever Floats Your Boat" TCD-110
CD $25.00

  *Latest Release

"Whatever Floats Your Boat"

2014 - GREAT NEW ALBUM out now "Whatever Floats Your Boat". Produced by Louie Shelton (world famous guitarist) recorded on the Gold Coast. This is Arthur in top form singing 10 wonderful new songs.

1) Whatever Floats Your Boat
2) Good
3) It's Usually A Woman
4) What We Are
5) Buy That Man A Beer
6) Mama's Table
7) The Singer
8) Big Time Lonesome
9) Different Things
10) She's Mine

How Can I Thank You

Arthur Blanch - "How Can I Thank You" TCD-109
CD $25.00


Arthur Blanch - "What Really Matters"
CD $25.00


"How Can I Thank You"

1)  Beautiful Life    
2)  How Can I Thank You                                        
3)  What's On A Woman's Mind  
4)  Only You Did                                      
5)  Just Bein' Me                                    
6)  He Needs To Do Some Work At Home                   
7)  The High Road                                                                     
8)  Teachers

9)  I Just Need To
10)  Do What Cowboy's Do

11)  Slowly
12)  Better Day Comin'
13)  No More Songs To Sing

The title tarck "How Can I Thank You" was picked up by the Australian Defense Department and copies were sent to all Aussie troops deplayed overseas. Arthur was greatly honoured.




"What Really Matters"

1)  Keep Her While She's There  
2)  The Dream                                     
3) Always Have, Always Will  
4)  Misty Blue                                      
5)  And My Dad                                 
6)  Don't Feel Sorry                   
7)  What Really Matters                                                               

8)  We Love Who We Love

9)  Happiness
10)  I Need A Night Off

11)  Neighbors
12)  Summer In The Valley
13) Touch Of The Masters Hand

* "Arthur Blanch is the iron man of country music. No one has had as many hits for as long as he has. His version of my song "Misty Blue", on this new album is magnificent. The vocal range of this song is challenging for any artist. Arthur took the challenge and did it beautifully. Many happy returns, Art!" Bob Montgomery- renowned Nashville Record Producer, songwriter, and publisher.


Life's Been Good To Me

Arthur Blanch  - "Life's Been Good To Me"  TCD-107
CD $25.00



"Life's Been Good To Me"

1) For A Song 
2) When Your Rock Turns To Stone                                   
3) Strollin' In The Sunshine 
4)  I'd Better Write It Down                                     
5)  Wellingrove Girl                                
6)  Roots And Wings                 
7)  With Every Breath                                                             

8)  I Just Wanna Make Love With You

9)  It's A Lovely Lovely World
10)  Still They Call Me Love

11)  Back In Baby's Arms
12)  Life's Been Good To Me

"Still a very popular album including "Wellingrove Girl" a song dedicated to my wife. Most of the songs are positive and reflect my gratitude for a wonderful life, a loving wife and daughter and a successful career which has allowed me to continue to do what I love doing - making music and meeting beautiful people along the way. I feel this album compliments our book "Wollun One" which tells the Blanch family story.


"Gems & A Few Jewels" Arthur has again teamed up with musical friend Bill Gleeson from Tamworth who has adapted Dorothea Mackellar's classic "My Country" into a song that will probably become a classic in the years ahead. Bill has written a popular musical about the bushranger Captain Thunderbolt, who had an association with Arthur's great grand parents. They had an Inn in the New England NSW and get a mention in Bill's song which Arthur has turned into a rollicking ballad of the escapades of "Australia's Robin Hood".

The gems include 5 songs performed by Arthur's daughter Jewel. These days Jewel is a major music industry business person, running her own company in Nashville. In the 80's she won two female vocalist Golden Guitars at Tamworth with "I Can Love You" and "Send All The Ghosts Away" - her own compositions.


22 tracks including:        
"My Country"
"Australian's Robin Hood"                           
"I Can Love You"                        
Arthur Blanch - "Gems & A Few Jewels" Volume 3
CD  $25.00




Songs of Praise and Inspiration

23 tracks including:
"I Love To Tell The Story", "Rock Of Ages", "Onward Christian Soldiers"
"Nearer, My God, To Thee"

Arthur Blanch -"Songs of Praise and Inspiration"
CD  $25.00



Features 23 much loved songs that are familiar to all in a rousing, joyful, uplifting style. Arthur says "The singing and producing of each track on this album was a joy for me. I was privileged to have the Jordanaires sing background vocals as well as having some of Nashville's top musicians work with me."


 2 volumes / 20 tracks including:
"Rose Colored Glasses" - "Dark Moon"
"I Really Don't Want To Know"
-"Invisable Tears" - "Maybe I'll Cry Over You" - "I Remember You"

"Love Walked In" (Arthur Blanch) Twin Cassette - $15.00


12 tracks including:
"Best Performance Of The Year"
"Almost Anytime"

"Hello Tamworth"

"You Don't Know Me" (Arthur Blanch)  Cassette  $10.00 


10 tracks including:
"Stupid Man"
"A Good Woman's Love"

"The Little Man's Got The Biggest Smile In Town"

"Long Way Home" (Arthur Blanch) Cassette - $10.00

Wollun One / The story of the Blanch Family

Book  $33.00 including postage

  "WOLLUN ONE" the story of the Blanch family.

Half a century of music and magic. Sixty years in any career is a significantmilestone, and in music, it's extraordinary. That's why Golden Guitar winner Arthur Blanch and his wife Berice have marked that milestone with the publication of "Wollun ONE", a book detailing the Blanch family history and 50 fabulous years. It's a great read with many photos in an extremely readable 168 page publication. It's written in Arthur and Berice's own words, so it feels as if you're just having a lovely, friendly chat about the remarkable trio of Arthur, Berice, and daughter Jewel, who were Australia's first complete country music family.

There wouldn't be many biographies around that can claim 900 photos! Wollun One does, though, and does it well. The text tells a wonderful story of Arthur and Berice (and Jewel) and their very exciting, very full lives through the second half of the 20th Century. Lives that have seen an enormous number of achievements on the stages and recording studios of Sydney, to Tamworth's Golden Guitar Awards, and to Nashville's Grand Ole Opry.
They've seen and done it all, and Wollun One tells the many stories Arthur and Berice have collected along the way. We won't go into any detail of the book here - that would spoil the read. But we can recommend it to anyone who has an interest in music, and especially Australian music.



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